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Donate Now and Help Empower Our Youth to Become Leaders of Change in their Communities: Their Future is in Our Hands!

Support our Volunteer-Driven Youth Coalition and a portion of your donation will be matched to increase your impact!

Please make a difference in the lives of our children and youth by Supporting our Volunteer-Driven Youth Coalition. Out Youth Coalition is comprised of youth throughout the state of New Jersey, between the ages of 16-25, who struggle with mental health challenges and are involved in the juvenile justice and child welfare systems and are committed to advocating for real change..While our youth have the potential to be the greatest source of positive change in our mental health and justice systems, they continue to be the missing dynamic in systems reform.

In 2015, our Youth Coalition:

  • Co-developed and Published the Incarceration of Children & Youth in New Jersey’s Adult Prison System Data Brief which was also published nationallyby CFYJ, NJJN, NCMHJJ.
  • Co-developed and Published the Navigating the Juvenile Justice System in New Jersey: A Family Guide in English & Spanish which was also published nationally by CFYJ, NJJN, NCMHJJ.
  • Were integral in the passage of Senate Bill S2003 which was signed into law by Governor Christie in August 2015, reforming New Jersey’s juvenile justice system
  • Were Awarded a Senate and General Assembly Joint Citation by Senator Bucco for an act of Heroism
  • Developed and Represented a Panel of Youth at the Treating Youth as Youth Conference held at Drew University
  • Represented Youth at the NJ Institute for Social Justice’s New Jersey Juvenile Justice Reform Coalition
  • Presented at the National Juvenile Justice Network Anniversary Symposium in Washington DC

Many of our youth advocates feel that their voices are not heard and valued, and many are ashamed of their experiences. HELP them to become empowered to make changes in their lives and communities to ensure that they are involved on all levels of decision making in their advocacy work, and that they learn how to use their lived experiences to create change, recover from trauma, and develop leadership skills that will help them thrive as adults.

When You Donate, You are Supporting:.

  • Leadership Education & Training for Youth
  • Opportunities for Youth to Advocate for Systems Change
  • Monthly Youth Coalition Newsletter
  • Youth Engagement Training for professionals to help them better engage our youth
  • Dedicated Website for Youth Coalition
  • Transportation for Youth to informational Meetings with policymakers in our state and Washington DC.
  • Youth Outreach & Grassroots organizing in some of New Jersey’s most impoverished communities.
  • 2nd Annual Youth Conference in Spring 2016